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The Bathroom sink is an incredible way to upgrade your bathroom

Do you want a bathroom design that leans more modern and slick or traditional and ornate? Whether you want to change and install a pedestal, basin sink or anything that’ll fit, there’s no doubt, that a new bathroom sink is an incredible way to upgrade your bathroom space.

Between color and material options, decorative options, design styles and installation types, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a bathroom sink that’s uniquely you.

Bathroom Sink Options


Space is one of the areas that’s mostly overlooked when it comes to changing bathroom sink. When installing a vanity for your sink basin, ensure you allow some elbowroom for the new sink. To achieve that, ensure that the drain or center is not less than 12 inches from the nearest wall.

The sink’s width shouldn’t be wider than 2 feet. The basin’s height depends on the vanity. Many vanities feature an average height of 32 – 34 inches. Do you plan to install a vessel sink? If yes, then you might need to lower your height’s vanity to allow ample space for the bowl.


Sinks aren’t the same as they used to. Some of the available ones are made from stone, porcelain, glass, metal or even wood. When in the market for the best sink material, you must think outside of design features.

Settle for a material that matches your needs. For instance, avoid choosing a sink that’s made from porcelain if you have kids. That is because porcelain can stain and chip easily.


Whether it’s square or round, undermount or small, bathroom sinks usually come in different sizes and shapes to perfectly fit your style:

Here are bathroom sink ideas you can incorporate in your new bathroom:

Space-saving console sink – If you’re frustrated by lack of space for your sink, pedestal sinks are the best option because of their space-saving attributes.

Self-rimming sinks – They also go by the name drop-in sinks. This style is the best if you want a sink to fit to an existing counter.

Vessel sinks – This choice is highly comfortable because it’s generally higher. It doesn’t require undermount installation.

Console sinks – This style is a cross between a pedestal sink and wall-mounted sink.

Undermount sinks – Installed below your solid countertop, this style is great at maximizing counter space. It’s an ideal choice if you desire a smooth and trendy bath sink.

Faucet Holes. Sink basins are available in an array of holes customized into the top for different faucet handles.

Employ the following tips in order to settle for the right hole layout for the new sink:

3-hole – Such sinks are tailored for widespread faucets with separate cold and hot handles or the center-set faucets with a separate or single handle. Hole spread range from 6 – 16 inches.

1-hole – Such sink basins employ a single spout and handle in one unit. The hole can typically be one four inches wide.

No hole – You can either hire a plumber or drill the holes yourself. Alternatively, you can mount the faucets and handles on the wall. When you’re installing these types of sinks, you must ensure that spouts have ample clearance over the basin.

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