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Bathroom Toilet Considerations

Is there really much to consider when choosing a toilet for your bathroom remodel? Surprisingly, yes! Flush system, height, water usage, and rough-in size are some of the factors that should all inform your decision.

Toilet Seat Height:

When it comes to toilet height, the rule of thumb is to choose a height that enables you to:

Rest both feet flat on floor as you’re seated on it.

Effortlessly stand up and sit down

The best height should feature your physical need and height. The standard seat height for a bathroom toilet is 15’’ – 16’’. For the taller individuals, you should select a toilet that’s 17’’ – 19’’. It’s more comfortable. Taller toilets are an important part of the universal design. They make your bathroom accessible to every use regardless of mobility.

Toilet Water Usage:

Today’s toilets water usage shouldn’t be above 1.6 GDF (gallons per flush). Due to technological advancements, some water saving toilets consume an impressive 1.28 gallons per flush. The dual-flush toilets feature two buttons. One button is for solid waste while the other is for liquid waste.

Toilet Flush Systems:

Single flush systems feature a bigger trapway that’s effective at reducing or eliminating clogging issues. Dual flush systems on the other hand provide full as well as half-water flushing thus making the use of toilet water efficient.

Toilet Rough-in Size:

Rough-in size refers to the distance from the wall to the middle of the hole where the toilet is mounted. Rough-ins can be 14’’, 12’’, or 10’’. To avoid complications, be certain by measuring your rough-in before buying your new toilet.

Bathroom Toilet Options

One-piece toilet:

This toilet features a bowl and tank molded together into a single piece with a low profile. While it might be costlier than the two-piece toilets, it’s certainly easier to keep clean.

Two-piece toilet:

Two-piece toilets consist of a separate bowl and tank bolted together using a rubber seal. As much as they’re less expensive, installing and cleaning them is difficult.

Toilet bowl shape:

This option is available in elongated or round shape. The elongated ones protrude further out to your room. Compared to round bowl toilets, elongated bowl toilets are easier to clean.

Wall-mounted toilets:

Wall-mounted toilets are great at adding drama to your bathroom. What’s more is the fact that cleaning under them is effortless. The only drawback is that installing the higher-end fixture can be expensive since it needs a thicker wall for mounting and housing the tank. Future maintenance might need reopening the wall.

Bathroom Toilet Installation – When to Replace Your Bathroom Toilet

Knowing when to replace:

Knowing when to replace and when to repair your bathroom toilet is very important. When countable repairs are enough to solve your toilet issue, you don’t have to break bank to purchase a new toilet and spend hours installing it.

However, when bathroom toilet issues are serious and give you sleepless nights, then it’s time to replace it completely. To help you ascertain when you need to replace your toilet, here are some of the common problems you might be encountering:

The toilet needs too many repairs

It suffering from recurring clogs

The toilet experiencing a porcelain crack

It is scratched or worn

You need to save water


Toilets should fit seamlessly with your bathroom design. You should choose a toilet design that complements whatever taps and tiles you already have. For instance, if you’re looking for a minimalist look, you need to consider the wall-hung toilets that conceal unsightly pipes.

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