How Much Does a Sunroom Addition Cost?

Cost of Sunroom Addition: Affordable Extra Space, Health Benefits, Use of Natural Light.

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Cost to Build a Sunroom Addition


Costs For Adding A Sunroom To Your Home

Sunrooms, Lanais, screened in porches and four season rooms are very similar. Average costs run anywhere from $16,777 for the average sunroom, up to $60,000 or more for a 200-square foot addition if you have to add footings and a slab foundation. Breaking it down by square foot can range up to $367 or more. Carpentry, painting, electricians, roofing pros are typically involved in the project. A typical screened in porch without all the bells and whistles for a normal sunroom or 4 season is generally more economical coming in around $4,700 to $10,777.

A sunroom is an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful sights that surround your home, without the unfortunate disturbance created by insects and inclement weather. Lined with windows and accessible from the main portion of your home, a sunroom can provide climate-controlled leisure time for yourself and your loved ones.

Is a sunroom addition the right choice for you? The answer to that question will involve aspects of the construction process, budgetary concerns, and other related considerations. Explore this guide and decide for yourself if a sunroom addition makes sense for you.

Customize Your Sunroom

When you arrive at the conclusion that a sunroom addition is the next improvement you’re going to make to your home, you’ll want to weigh your various options. Maximize the return on your investment by getting the exact appearance you envision when designing and constructing your ideal dream sunroom.

must make sense. If your home itself is only valued at $75,000 you want to make sure you don’t plan a bathroom addition that comes close to half of your home’s value. Not only will your investment not translate very well into additional home value, but an extravagant bathroom might seem out of place in a relatively modest home.

Sunroom Roof Styles

There are a variety of roof styles that are occasionally found on sunroom additions. Outside of the more dramatic and obscure roof styles, there are two main types from which you’ll likely choose.

Gable: A gable roof design refers to a roof that is pitched on two sides, reaching a point on top of the room that runs along the center of the space. You can picture a gable roof as a triangle-shaped hat that sits on top of a structure.

Single-Slope: Next to the gable style roof design, the other common sunroom roof design that you very commonly see is the single-slope. This roof design, instead of having two slopes, only has one, hence the word single. A single-sloped roof design on a sunroom involves the added sunroom’s roof sloping down and away from the main structure of the home and over the sunroom itself.

There’s really no right or wrong roof style choice outside of your own tastes and the limitations inflicted by the dimensions of the area where you intend to build your sunroom. Depending on the specifics of your project plan and how your home’s main structure is oriented, you may find out that either a gabled or single-slope roof to be more expensive than the other.

Be sure to discuss your roof options when you speak with contractors that you interview when beginning your sunroom addition project.

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What is your trim style?

By definition, most of your sunroom is going to be clad in transparent, untinted glass panels. So, when it comes to the design of your structure, the trim you choose is going to have one of the greatest impacts on the final appearance of your new sunroom.

Aluminum: Bronze, sandstone, white or silver colored aluminum frames are stylish, lightweight and durable. Other colors of aluminum are occasionally seen but these are the most popular and common.

Vinyl: More affordable and still rather capable of sealing the seams of your sunroom and keeping out the outside elements, vinyl trim is another viable and common trim choice. You’ll find vinyl trim options in a variety of popular colors such as white, sandstone, bronze and silver.

Another very popular option that you might elect to add to your new sunroom addition is glass roof panels. What you might typically refer to as a “skylight” is typically referred to as a glass roof panel section on a sunroom. The alternative is an opaque roof without any windows.

While the glass roof panel option on a sunroom is usually going to increase the overall project cost, most sunroom addition companies will guarantee the water-tightness of the glass roof panels against leaking for anywhere between 5 and 10 years.

Calculating the cost of your sunroom addition

The calculation cost for your sunroom addition ranges quite a bit depending on how you choose to approach it. There are two main strategies for adding a sunroom to your home and which one you choose will have an affect on the total project cost.

Patio enclosure: This type of sunroom addition is a bit more modest and absolutely more cost effective. The average patio enclosure type of sunroom addition costs $10,000 or less in materials and labor.

Home addition style: An actual structural addition in the form of a sunroom, commonly built upon a slab foundation, costs more. This type of sunroom addition is the method used for larger areas with higher ceilings. The typical cost to add a sunroom built on its own foundation is $35,000 and up.

If you’re a lover of nature and the great outdoors and you’d like to have that aesthetic experience as part of your everyday life, perhaps while drinking your morning coffee, a sunroom addition is an excellent way to accomplish that. A careful review of this guide will help you prepare for the costs and choices involved.