How Much Does a Bedroom Addition Cost?

Bedroom Addition: Needed Space & Increased Comfort.

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How Much Does It Cost To Add A Bedroom?

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Bedroom Additions Cost Guide

Bedroom addition costs can range from $87 to $200 per square foot depending upon the actual total square foot of the project. Larger additions such as master suites incur higher costs due to more labor and materials. The cost of an average bedroom can cost between $10,117 and $22,000. Master bedroom additions can achieve ROI up to 54% or more.

Many older homes customarily had rather small bedrooms by today’s standards. The reasons for this changing trend are quite diverse but involve an ever-increasing quality of living in the developed countries and more efficient heating and cooling technology making larger homes more affordable.

According to the American Housing Survey conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in 2011, the median age of a single-family owner-occupied home is 35 years old.

This data shows that a vast majority of homeowners are living in homes that reflect outdated architectural trends which include smaller rooms and less open floorplan concepts.

Cost Ranges For Adding A Bedroom

The cost of adding a bedroom addition ranges quite a bit depending on whether the plan calls for a new, elaborate master suite or a simple extra bedroom. A simple 10’x10′ bedroom addition should only cost in the neighborhood of $12,000 up to $25,000 depending on various considerations such as material choices and whether land must be cleared.

If a high-end, elaborate master suite is your dream bedroom addition concept, expect to spend in the neighborhood of $50,000 on the low end and up to $200,000 depending on how large you want the new room to be, whether you’d like it on the second floor or first, and what type of materials you select.

Second floor room additions are more costly than rooms added onto the first floor and you’ll also want to save some extra room in your budget for last minute expenses, such as permits.

Overall, the bedroom addition process can be incredibly rewarding, despite the costs and disturbance to your home that are required. Click the “get started” button below to begin the bedroom addition conversation with qualified local contractors in your area.

Assessing Your Bedroom Addition Plans

Daydreaming about the possible transformation that might occur in your home should you decide to add a bedroom are fun and exciting. Before getting too excited, be sure to weigh the cost component to ensure the project is affordable.

Small, fine details employed in the design of your new bedroom addition can absolutely make the final result far more attractive and enjoyable for yourself, as the homeowner. You’ll also add incredibly to the resale value of your home, should you ever wish to sell.

Is a Bedroom Addition Right For Me?

You might be trying to determine if the costs involved with adding a bedroom to your home are actually worth the benefit you will receive. That’s a very valid concern and important consideration. A lot of this cost-benefit decision making is going to hinge on what can be gained as well as what the costs will be.

Re-imagining Your Home With a Bedroom Addition

The incredible part of adding a bedroom to your home is that it grants you the ability to reimagine your home. One scenario might involve simply adding a new master bedroom onto your existing structure while relegating your old master to a guest bedroom or a bedroom for one of your older children. This simple approach is rather common and indeed the most cost effective.

Another way to execute a bedroom addition project is to add a master bedroom and then reconfigure walls within your home such that your old master can be combined into another functional use of space. You might expand a bathroom, a living area, add a sunroom, or create a more open floorplan with the new space opened up by vacating your old master bedroom.

Trends in New Bedrooms

As you plan your bedroom addition, you might want to take into consideration some of the more popular trends now being seen in the home building and design sector.

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Bedroom Addition With outdoor access
Outdoor access

Homeowners are ever more often turning towards granting outdoor access directly from master bedroom suites. This is usually done via large, floor-to-ceiling pocket sliding doors that grant the occupant excellent natural lighting and a compelling view of the surrounding landscaping.

Sitting areas

Another very popular trend among designers and builders of bedrooms today is the sitting area within a master bedroom suite. These can even occasionally be accompanied with a built-in fireplace on the far wall opposite the foot of the master bed. These in-bedroom sitting areas will clearly add to the cost and size of your bedroom addition project, but they can substantially increase the comfort and appeal of the new space.

Ceiling aesthetics

What might have at one time seemed like a feature reserved for lush, royal homes, an ornamental ceiling design is now a common feature in many middle-class homes. You can opt to have exposed rafters or trusses as one possibility or you might choose to use clever trim components to create a tray ceiling.