How Much Does a Room Addition Cost?

Cost of Room Additions: Growing Family Needs, Convenience, Equity Values.

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Room Addition Cost

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Building Room Addition Cost Guide

Are you building up, building out or adding a detached addition? This major renovation project comes in with an Average cost of $77 to $217 per square foot. Smaller room additions of of 25-200 square feet average about $65 to $87 per square foot. The larger the room addition the more materials and labor costs are involved. Increased material and labor costs for larger additions bring prices of $111 or more per square foot.

A room addition is anything but a one-size-fits-all proposition. In fact, there are as many types of room build concepts from which you might choose as there are room types in general.

As with any other home improvement project, you are best served by exercising a degree of caution paired with a reasonable period of deliberation before getting started.

Have you ever felt like there’s just something missing from your home? Maybe you’re constantly finding yourself cramped for storage space or perhaps you’ve recently had a new addition to your family.

There are a variety of circumstances that might warrant adding a room to your home, but some homeowners are rather unaware of what the project actually entails.

This guide will help you begin to understand what type of room additions are commonly done and what considerations you might weigh while getting you project started.

The brainstorming part of planning room builds is undoubtedly the most exciting part of the process, aside from enjoying your new room once the paint is dry and the workers’ tools and dust have been cleared. While you may not eagerly anticipate signing a check to pay for the project, you’ll definitely want to have a sense of what to expect regarding the cost to build a room onto your home.

How much is it going to cost to add a room to my house?

The budget you should prepare for a room addition is hardly ever the same from one project to the next. Simple bedroom additions will typically cost between $20,000 and $50,000 depending on the size of the desired room and the specific materials with which you wish to clad your new room.

A bathroom addition can be a bit more affordable, with the average project expenses ranging between $10,000 and $25,000 including materials and labor. A smart idea is to try and tack on an additional bathroom at the same time as adding a bedroom. Not only will this be ideal from a cost efficiency perspective, but it will also make functional sense for you and the other occupants sharing your living space with you.

If you want to add a bigger space to your home, such as a large living area with a vaulted ceiling, you can expect expenses to climb as high as $100,000. You’re likely going to need a stronger foundation, a more sturdy roof, and more materials for interior outfitting. The bigger the room builds you have in mind, the bigger the related bills will be as well.

If you’re eager to get your room build project started, you can click the button below to begin with some no-obligation 100% free estimates from licensed, qualified contractors in your area.

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Adding A bedroom to your home?

A great way to add additional value to your home is by adding an additional bedroom. Selling your home in the future? Growing families are one of the top reasons why home owners decide to add a bedroom to their home. The value add from this project can provide great ROI when its time to sell.

Sunroom Additions

If you enjoy the outdoors and fresh air, but don't necessarily love all the bugs and wetness that can go hand-in-hand with outdoor excursions, you might want to consider adding a sunroom. These can be placed along the perimeter of your home and fit excellently wherever you have a patio accessed by a sliding door.

Adding new bathroom to your house?

Adding a room onto your home such as a bathroom could a necessity or it can be a matter of style and comfort. You might need a larger space, or a new shower with updated materials.

Garage Additions

You could add a garage to your home if you need a place to park your car outside of the elements or a place to serve as a workshop. Other folks will look at their garage as a possible area that can be turned into living space. Both detached and connected garages have the ability to be expanded or converted into more functional space.

Other types of room builds aren’t very unique or creative at all. Bedroom and bathroom room additions are not only practical options but they are also among the most common types of rooms you might choose to add onto your home.

Room placement and architectural continuity are two related topics that warrant careful consideration when thinking of a bathroom addition or a bedroom addition. Properly done, you can expect a sharp uptick in the functionality and resale value of your home.

If the work is done hastily or without careful aesthetic planning, you run the risk of your added room looking like an obvious addition, crudely tacked onto your original structure.

You might choose to meet with an architect for a consultation prior to getting estimates from builders in order to get a high-level understanding of the underlying structural elements in your home that may need to be worked with when building a room addition.