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Interior Designs For Bathroom Remodels

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Inspiration for your Bathroom Remodel including colors, textures, shower options, and mirrors.

Interior Designs For Bathroom Remodeling – How can you use interior design models to make effective use of your space?

The bathroom, you either hate it or you love, but this is one of the most important rooms in a house. Of course, the bathroom has its practical purposes, but today’s homeowners are looking to get more out of this room. Bathrooms have been experiencing a revolution in a sense thanks to modern day homeowners. This area of the home use to be for getting in and getting out as fast as possible. Now days, this area of the home is being treated with luxury components and comfort items.

Life in general can be very stressful. Even the average household can be hectic on a regular basis, especially if you have kids or annoying relatives. People are spending more and more time in their bathrooms, which have come to be a great retreat for getting away from it all. Unfortunately, most households lack any good quality of space, but this article will give you a few tips and tricks to create some much needed space.

Bathroom Remodeling & Interior Design

Lets be honest. You have a small bathroom and you want to fix it up without cluttering it up. The good thing about it is that you won’t necessarily have to break the bank to achieve this and here is why.

Changing Colors:

Just by changing the interior color of your bathroom can add plenty of much needed space. Of course, colors itself won’t actually add physical space, but it will create an illusion that makes you feel like there’s more space. The first rule of thumb is to stay away from dark colors. Dark painted walls and a dark colored floor is a recipe for disaster. Everything appears to be one dimensional and any light that’s already in the room will be absorbed. Here is a brilliant way on how you can fight the dark bathroom abyss.

First thing to do is to paint the walls in a brighter color. 

If you have dark colored flooring, leave it dark then brighten your way up. 

Buy or re-stain your cabinets in a lighter tone.

Remove any unnecessary shelves 

Dark floors, to lighter tones cabinets, to even lighter toned ceiling/walls creates depth and depth creates an illusion.

Tiles & Textures::

The problem with tiles is that they are laid in one direction and they’re generally displayed in one neutral color. To create space, use small and large tiles together. For Example: Tiles on the counter top, bathtub and sink can be smaller in size and are in one specific color. Implement larger tiles on the walls to break-up the pattern.

Example #2: Large tiles on the floor, to smaller tiles on the sink & side of the bathtub then back to larger tiles on rim of the bathtub and walls or vice versa. * For a cheaper version, try using laminate tile*

Remove Your Old Bathtub & Replace It With a Walk-In-Shower:

Bathtubs are great for soaking and relaxing, but they can take up a lot of space. Some tubs, especially the old versions, have a rim/lip that protrudes outward, which takes up a few inches of space. Replace the tub with a smaller walk-in-shower, which can give you a few extra inches.

Another great idea is an open or partially open shower.:

The least amount of obstructions between the bathroom door to the bathroom wall is critical. With an open/partially open shower, you can physically create more space and this open design will create more of an illusion. Just apply the tile and texture tips from above, which will give your entire bathroom an updated appearance.


Mirrors are great for giving the illusion of space. Large pane wall mirrors on one side of the bathroom wall gives off an open vibe. Add a large pane wall mirror that’s perpendicular to another large pane wall mirror and you’ll feel as if you’re outside. Don’t go overboard here because you don’t want everything to be in a uniform direction. If using multiple large wall mirrors, leave some space in between the mirrors, whether they’re side-by-side or they’re on adjacent walls.

Since most bathrooms are generally small in size and for those who can’t really afford a remodeling project. Removing the clutter is first and foremost. This can be over-sized shower curtains, unused shelves, etc. Creating an illusion with different colors, patterns and textures have worked miracles for many homeowners and it can also work for you.

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Interior Designs For Bathroom Remodeling

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