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Decorating Tricks to a Larger Bathroom Appearance

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Making Smaller Bathroom Appear Larger

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10 Tips To Help Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Larger

Small bathrooms can feel intimate and cozy. Nonetheless, they can also turn out to be depressing and claustrophobic. Depending on one’s decorating style, a small bathroom can be sophisticated and quiet, charming or even gleaming like a jewel box. Fortunately, by employing some strategies, you can be able to make your bath feel and look larger.

The following are some effective tips and tricks to help you make your bathroom appear larger:

Tip #1: Use tiles to create an illusion:

Small or patterned tiles do more harm than good to a small bathroom. They make an already small bath look smaller. An effective way of making your bathroom appear larger is by using plain-colored floor tiles. Larger and plain tiles with some grouting lines make your bath look larger.

Do you have plans of tiling your bathroom walls? If yes, then settle for plain colors. They are more efficient in this regard. Busy patterns such as white and black check tiles make your space feel smaller. To make it appear larger, just utilize one shade. Doing that also makes the space appears less cluttered compared to patterned tiles.

Tip #2: Use mirrors:

You can enhance the illusion effect by using mirrors. Adding a larger mirror in front of your bathroom sink reflects light inside the room. If your room has plain tiles, mirrors will make them appear multiplied thus making the wall and floor space look even larger. For impressive results, consider a set of mirrors that are arranged artistically rather than one large mirror.

Tip #3: Be clever with sanitary ware and fittings:

Clever installation of sanitary ware creates space in your small room. For instance, wall-hung and back to wall toilets are amazing for streamlining your bath and concealing the cistern thus ensuring your space appears less cluttered. Additionally, by design, wall-hung toilets are compact by design.

Fittings and furniture have a huge effect on your space. Consequently, anything that has a long profile, which ‘sticks out’, encroaches on your space hence making your room appear cramped and small.

Tip #4: Hanging onors:

Rails and hooks are magical in terms of freeing up space. Whether you put them for clothing or towels, hooks only take few inches on a door or wall without disrupting your bathroom’s décor. Another space-saving idea is placing a hook for a heated towel rain. It boasts the extra benefit of keeping the towels fluffy and warm.

The other incredible space-saving option is to have hanging storage for your shower and bath. For instance, wire baskets offer ample room to store sponges, shampoo, and soap without affecting your internal shower space.

Tip #5: Choose colors for serenity:

Soft, pale colors schemes give an illusion of more space. That doesn’t mean that your settle for pink. It simply means that you must avoid exciting and strong colors. Bright colors look good on towels and accessories. Settle for whites, and neutrals for backgrounds.

Tip #6: Opt for a delicate pedestal sink:

Unquestionably, vanity cabinets offer a great storage option beneath a sink. Nonetheless, they take plenty of floor space. A fairly inexpensive substitute would be to replace your vanity with a wall-mounted sink or a pedestal. That way, you’ll open up your bath. By organizing the closest linen closet or adding a small shelf, you’ll create an alternative storage space.

Tip #7: Eliminate any visual obstructions:

The other thing you can do to make your bathroom appear larger is trading a frosted-glass shower door or bath door for a crystal-clear glass one. Alternatively, you can opt to eliminate the door altogether and then install a shower curtain which you can push back to either side when you’re not using. That will enable you to view all the way into the back wall. Your eyes will not stop at the door and view the room as smaller.

Tip #8: Reduce the small accessories:

There is nothing like clutter when it comes to making small spaces look and feel even smaller. For that reason, you need to do two things. Primarily, utilize just one big floor rug. Secondly, pare down on towels. The other thing you need to do is choose a single piece of art rather than plenty of small pieces. Compared to plenty of small ones, utilize one decorative accessory. Anything that you don’t need should be stored out of sight.

Tip #9: Use clever shower enclosures:

Most showers lack ample space for a separate shower enclosure and a tub. An excellent choice for maximizing space is by considering separate shower enclosures, sliding shower doors, or quadrant shower enclosures.

Tip #10: Add some depth into the walls:

Do you boast an artistic flair? If yes, then you should contemplate stencil or painting a decorative mural on your largest open wall. You can also hang a beautiful framed picture, which resembles a window that looks out on the gorgeous horizon or onto a garden. These strategies are handy at expanding the feel and look of your space.

In summary …:

Small powder rooms are great … Small guest baths are okay … However, a small master baths are just inconvenient. Often, bathroom renovations don’t allow for changing floor plans or moving walls to create space.

Are you looking for effective ways to open you space up without the need to swing any sledgehammers? By applying the above strategies, you’ll visually grow your tiny and tight space.

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