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Explore The New Modern Bathroom Ideas – This Article may be helpful if you’re looking for new ways to update your modern bathroom.

Are you looking to update or make specific renovations to your bathroom? Do you know how to go about achieving this? Whether you’re a well-versed in home renovation projects, or you’re just an average (do-it-yourself-er), there are numerous ways to add some flare to your bathroom. No matter what your personal budget may be, you can still create a work-of-art  that can be admired by all whom enters this specific room.

To start things off, the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in most homes. Space is basically limited here, but there are ways to maximize space while giving the room an updated appearance. All it takes is a little creativity, ingenuity and dedication.

Tips For Modernizing Your Bathroom

So, you’re tired of your bathroom’s dull colors and lack of style. One of the best things you can do would be to start researching and collecting some new remodel ideas. Searching online sites and looking through home renovation design magazines is a great place to start. There really are no tried and true blueprints to follow as some of the best bathroom remodels come from personal ingenuity. Check out the tips and tricks below.

Mixed Materials are a great way to update the bathroom thanks to the vast amount of diversity components. To get a better understanding, this actually means that you can mix glass & wood, marble & wood, slate & travertine, etc. To top things off with a bit of flare, porcelain, stainless steel, brass and many more components can be used as added features.

Tiles are some of the most commonly used products in home renovations. They can come in a variety of sizes and colors, which gives you more ideas to play with. Ceramic Tile is great for those who are on a budget. This is generally a “peel & stick” kind of product. Since wood is typically a no-no for bathrooms, (wood-like tile laminate) is the weapon of choice. Standard tile is very diverse and comes in:

Natural Stone:

Natural Stone tile is rough-feeling and can give your bathroom a modern, rustic appearance. If using this type of tile, make sure it has a water-proof membrane for repelling moisture.


Glass tile gives you a sleek, contemporary appearance. It comes in different custom hues, is stain-resistant and can be used on walls.

Decorative Tile:

Decorative tile is basic, but it’s comes in numerous patterns and images.

Marble and Granite are the cream of the crop for home renovations, and they can be used for counter-tops and floors. These natural stones gives you a traditional, more sophisticated look and feel. Marble/Granite counter-tops mixed with wood is timeless and beautiful.

Features & Accessory Components

Once you’ve built your foundation, you can now begin to add the finishing touches. Stainless Steel or Brass faucets look elegant and comes in numerous styles. Another way to spruce things up is by implementing a “backsplash.” Backsplash looks like smaller versions of granite, marble or glass tile. They’re affordable, come in different colors, are easily applied to the shower wall or over the sink. In many cases, backsplash can give you a better overall appearance than actual tile.

For those who have a standard to large open shower and a much bigger budget, Marble or Travertine Walls in the background is simply stunning. These natural stones will give you the ultimate natural stone appearance, especially when viewing through glass shower doors. These stones come in numerous colors, texture, and patterns. The veins that actually snakes through marble is a sight for sore eyes, and it can even be polished for a chic appearance.

Another great bathroom remodel idea is to use contrasting colors. This not only makes the room look refreshing, it produces a more open and airy environment. For Example: Dark-brown stained concrete floors adds warmth. Then implement some pale, light-brown cabinetry with gray-stoned counter-tops. The contrasting colors give the illusion of added space as well as looks phenomenal.

Slate is another wonderful natural stone. Uneven, staggered slate walls in any room looks amazing. Slate’s natural color is actually diverse. Each large piece of uneven stone is separated by smooth putty, which gives off a mosaic appearance. This natural stone also looks great behind large glass shower doors.

When it comes to bathroom modernization, the options are endless. Other added features includes single/double mirrors, stand-along tubs, vessel sinks and more. This only scratches the surface of what can be created, so do your research, put in the effort and start enjoying your new modern bathroom.

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Explore The New Modern Bathroom Ideas

This article may be helpful if you are looking for new ways to update your modern bathroom.

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