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Common Home Styles In Denver

Denver CO:

Denver has several historic homes with unique architectural designs. The city boasts of some of the best and most unique home designs in the US. Denver architecture offers a wide range of options that will definitely meet your dreams.

Top 10 most common home styles include;

The Bungalow: A Denver Architecture Staple

This is the most iconic American home style. They are one of the most popular in this city. They are typically one-story structures and are cozy throughout the year because of their unique wood-trim and pitched roofs. These homes offer the perfect outdoors with natural indoor lighting. Bungalows with open-floor-plans provide an opportunity for home addition.

Victorian Homes Bring High-Class Sophistication

This design can be traced back to between 1830 and 1910. Victorian homes are mostly two or three stories with an exceptional look. They also have a good outdoor space.

Denver Square, a Unique Denver Architecture

This classic architectural style is popular because of its efficiency. It derives its name from its appearance. The design entails a square shaped home, two or two-and-half story, with its width matching the height. Its floors are divided into quarters creating a symmetrical house with a conducive-feel.

Go New with Contemporary/Modern Row Homes

This design is slowly taking roots in Denver. They are mostly asymmetrical with bold use of lines and glass. A significant feature of this style is the focus on sustainability. They are mostly constructed from recycled materials. They are relatively energy efficient and easy to maintain.

Tudor Fairytale

This design is not that old in Denver. It was first spotted here in the beginning of the 20th century. The style entails asymmetrical shape, steep roof-tops, and beautiful chimneys. The roof is perfect for snow and rain.

Sleek Mid-Century Modern

This is the polar opposite of city’s cozier home-styles. They are bold with emphasized straight lines, mostly open –concept with great space and modern furnishings.  Its windows are uniquely designed to allow much light into the house.

Grand Colonial Revival Style

Their design makes them appear formal but calm. They are symmetrical or square, two or three stories, with evenly-spaced windows. The front-door is normally placed at the front center of the house. The most noticeable feature is their use of columns.

Laid-Back Living with Ranch Styles

The style is perfect for relaxed family life. It’s natural but appealing. The design has a simple open-floor plan and allows for easy access to the home’s backyard. They are easy to redesign.

Classic Cape Cod Charm

This is a drawing idea from the homes of 17th century New England.  They are perfect for the city’s weather. This design is elegant, has a square floor and mostly one or one-and-a-half stories. This style offers breathtaking-exteriors with long but steeply sloping roofs.

Craftsman Makes a Comeback

The design puts prominence on strong crafting, good hand-work, and natural materials. These homes entail lots of interior woodwork and are perfect for those who love personalized-touch.

Denver Bungalow Home Additions

Bungalow home in Denver


Bungalow style is best-suited for home expansion as far as the property and land do not prevent you from accomplishing your goals. A rear first-floor addition provides a logical area for additional kitchen and family room expansion.

A second-floor addition is best for new master-bedroom, bathrooms, and closets. An attic can be transformed into a master bedroom with bathroom and dressing area. Be wise to use the same exterior material as the original one and keep the same window-style and size.

Questions to ask before the bungalow Home Addition

It is advisable to pre-screen several contractors before awarding awarding the project to a particular room addition contractor. Here are some things to keep in consideration as you go through the process:

As the contractor how long he/she has been dealing with bungalow style home additions. Confirm whether they are able to keep the new structure consistent with the current one. It’s important that you see their recent projects. Ask for a reference list and contact at least three references.

Enquire on whether he/she is licensed to work in Denver. Avoid un-certified bidders. The contractor or company you are hiring must be properly insured to protect you from emerging liabilities.

Ask him/her how communication shall be handled. Effective communication is vital in any project. The contractor should be able to provide an efficient communication plan that is comprehensive and outlines everyone’s role.

Have a discussion about timeframe as well as the cost for a Denver Home or Room Addition project. Compare several contractors and settle on the one that meets your needs. Understand the payment schedule. Cheaper does not mean better.

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Denver Four Square Home Additions

The Four Square:

Adding or extending a room with outdoor space such as a four-season room is a great way to add to a Victorian. This is a relatively inexpensive way of increasing your living room. This approach gives you an opportunity to bring the beauty of the outside into your home year-round. This type of room addition provides enjoyment every day regardless of the weather outside.

Keep the addition in the background so the natural design and architecture is the hero.

Adding onto the back ensures the front maintains true publicity of the home and the context of the neighborhood.

What Should I Ask Before my Four Square Home Addition Project?

The contractor you decide to hire will either make or break your home addition project. Sourcing for the right firm entails getting to know more about the experience it has with Denver square homes, whether it’s registered and insured. It’s also important to understand his/her chargers, terms of payment, schedule, and suppliers.

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Denver Victorian Home Additions


Seconds story additions for the Victorian are a consideration. Make sure attention is made here as it’s important to maintain appropriate proportionality when adding on to a Queen with substantial square footage. The new home addition design for the Victoria should be subordinate to the original.

Keep the additions in the background. Avoid disrupting your original house and its front-views by putting the new structure at the back. 

Maintain the original proportions of the house

The new materials can be slightly different from the original but the ratio has to remain the same. This will retain the historic feature of your home. Keep the addition subordinate to the original house.

Preserve the original house by informing your contractor to modify modern the materials to conform the current ones.

Pay attention to the roof since it’s a distinctive feature in classification of homes. It must not be compromised by the new addition

What Should I Ask Before my Victorian Home Addition Project?

Home addition is a big financial and emotional investment. It is therefore significant that you get things clear before commencing the project. Here are some vital questions to ask a contractor before the Victorian home addition project.

Depending on what type of addition you want to accomplish with the Victorian and keeping in mind how the original design is important, you can ask multiple questions about their philosophy and how they plan on keeping the integrity of the home in tact.

Ask the contractor about his/her schedule with a similar venture.
Ask about the contractor’s license and insurance package. 
Request to know How to communicate with the contractor.
Inquire on how much the Victorian home addition will cost, the payment terms, their risk management plan, and to provide a detailed written estimate and agreement.

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Denver Tudor Fairytale Home Additions

Tudor Fairytale:

This architectural design is characterized by steeply pitched-roofs, decorative half-timbering, patterned brick work and multi-paned windows. Extend the iconic half-timbered facades to your exterior home, create Tudor architectural details in your outdoor, and kitchen among others.

Tudor homes can be intriguing to many would be homeowners. Talk to your contractor about maintaining the authentic elements and appropriate materials for your home addition. Maintain the historic details to your home while adding functional space can be challenging.

The embellished doorways and groupings of windows are a characteristic that stands out. Adding additional rooms its important to maintain.

What Should I Ask Before my Tudor Fairy tale Home Addition Project?

Below are some vital aspects that you need to ask a contractor before awarding the project:

Their performance record on Tudor fairytale home addition, especially in Denver
Budget, payment method/conditions and timeframe
Local permit, insurance and whoever is responsible for the job
Who will clean your home after completion of your project among many others

A Home additions is the perfect approach to giving your current home a new look and creating adequate space for your family. Get the best from your project by creating a sound plan and choosing a contractor that fully understands the architecture and design.

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Denver Home Additions

By working with the best licensed builders and home addition professionals in Denver Colorado Home Fixology is able to help you evaluate competitive bids and pricing from The Top 3 Pros in your local area with Zero Obligation on your part.


A Home addition is a great way of transforming your current place of residence into a dream home. It enables you and your family to have necessary amenities and create ample space. Families are therefore encouraged to grab numerous benefits that come with home addition such as increased space, improved facilities, more natural light and potential rental income among several others.

It is easy to go online and compare builders and contractors for a planned home addition project. The nature and complexity of the building process lends itself to great variances in costs and price estimates for project completions.

What will a home addition contractor in Denver do for me?

Home & Room addition projects, depending on your architectural needs, can be a costly and involving venture. Implementing such projects without a reputable contractor has, in many cases, resulted in misplaced effort.  It is therefore advisable that you hire the right addition companies in ensure your project goes as planned and you get the desired results.

The contractor will be of great help when it comes to;

Preparing bids for your home addition project
Planning, organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating the activities of your project
Consultation with architects, engineers, and suppliers
Selection and supervision of subcontractors
Quality control and ensuring that the deliverables match the original

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Common Addition to home dimensions and sizes include: 12 x 12 addition, 26 x 28, 10 x 16, 2 story, 20 x 20, 40 x 40, 20 x 24, 16 x 24, 22 x 22, 10 x 20, 24 x 15, 27 x 20, 10 x 40, 20 x 26, 9 x 12, 30 x 30, 20 x 12

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Denver Colorado

Denver is the capital of Colorado. It features old west style Museums such as the Denver Art Museum, an ultramodern complex known for its collection of indigenous works, and the mansion of famed Titanic survivor Molly Brown. Denver is also a jumping-off point for ski resorts in the nearby Rocky Mountains.

Our contractors cover these cities around Denver:

Wheat Ridge, CO
Commerce City, CO
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Westminster, CO

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